Attractions & Things to Do & See in Kilyos, Istanbul

When it is about Kilyos in Istanbul, “sea”, "sand", "beaches" and “weekend holidays” are the most known terms that naturally come into locals' and travelers' minds. Kilyos beaches in Istanbul, Turkey are the most popular and clean ones in Istanbul. Kilyos is one of the most preferred weekend holiday destinations in Istanbul. Kilyos beaches are also very ideal for sea surfing and sea sports. World Kiteboard Championship is being organized in Kilyos at the beaches of Bosphorus University since 2004. Alternative to the Kilyos beaches, for the ones who love nature and silence, there are also lots of bays and green lands in Kilyos.

Kilyos has a sandy beach facing out onto the cool waters of the Black Sea. The relatively low temperature of the water is in fact part of the appeal for the residents of Istanbul, who like to come to this northern suburb of the city to cool off during the heat of the summer. This also means that the beach can be very busy at the weekend, but also pleasantly quiet during the average weekday. Swimmers are advised to venture into the water with caution, as there is a strong undertow and riptide. There are protected areas with lifeguards are that are recommended for the keen swimmer, and for additional safety it is best not to swim alone.

There are the full range of water sports available for the more active holidaymaker, including windsurfing, kite boarding and waterskiing.There are lots of hills in the town with a great panoramic view of Black Sea. Inside the town, you may see lots of local souvenir and product shops. Even you forgot to bring your seaside and beach stuff, you may easily find all of them from the shops at the town center.

Surrounding the beach are a selection of hotels, cafes and restaurants offering standard holiday fare and also local specialties. Make sure that you try some of the delicious Mezzes you’ll be offered in many of these establishments. Mezzes are small dishes of local produce presented in a similar way to the tapas dishes that you can enjoy in Spain. Delicious salads and rice dishes including the Mediterranean region staples of aubergine, olive and tomato make excellent appetizers to enjoy before devouring a world class kebab.

Sights & Places of Interest in Kilyos, Istanbul

“Kilyos Castle” is one of the best sightseeing places in Kilyos. It’s been built in the 14th century, during the era of the Genoese and restored by the Ottoman sultan Mahmud II. It has great landscape and sovereignty to the town. But as it’s located inside the military zone, public access is not possible. A historical cistern, eight cannons, and a very high monumental plane tree which was planted in 1453 for the memory of Istanbul’s conquest, are also spectacular within the castle area.

Historic places and monuments are very rare in Kilyos. Three cisterns, two stone piers built in the 18th century, a boathouse and blockhouses built during the World War II, are some of them.

Kilyos has great contribution to Istanbul’s tourism with its beaches, beach clubs, hotels and restaurants, countryside restaurants, picnic areas, carting and paintball areas.

Especially in summer hundred thousands of people come visit Kilyos. In winter, you may have daily trip for a great dinner or weekend accommodation at the quality hotels. Enjoying your hot drinks with the view of the rough Black Sea and sunset will give you great pleasure with your companies.

When you fancy a break from the beach, the advantages of the location of Kilyos really become apparent. Istanbul is just over 30km away, and can be reached in a 30 minute bus ride. Better still is a trip by boat down the Bosphorus into the city, a fantastic way approach to the city. In fact, an afternoon cruise down the Bosphorus is recommended as an activity in itself, a great way to get an overview of the two halves of the city, European and Asian.

The attractions of Istanbul are myriad, including many beautiful mosques such as the Blue Mosque, and several grand palaces, perhaps the grandest being Topkapi Palace. There are plenty of resources both in print and online that can properly do justice to an overview of the attractions of the huge city of Istanbul. Make sure that you conduct a little research before embarking to ensure that you can make the most of your time in historic Istanbul, as the size of the city requires a little forward planning if you are to make the most of the sightseeing opportunities. For the Istanbul residents who are unable to go to a beach holiday resorts in Turkey, Kilyos and Kilyos beaches are the best choices.

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