Information about beach resort Kilyos, one of the most popular weekend breaks in Istanbul, Turkey

Kilyos is a popular seaside resort located in the northern coast of Istanbul, Turkey, in the Sariyer district. Istanbul is the leading city of Turkey, and a city where the western world meets the east. Many western Europeans view Istanbul as a great option for an interesting city break, but are perhaps inclined to look elsewhere when planning the main summer holiday.

However, resorts like Kilyos in the Sariyer district of Istanbul can allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. A stay in Kilyos affords easy access to the sights and experiences of the historic city of Istanbul, while providing the location and facilities that you’d expect from traditional seaside holidays.

Kilyos is a popular weekend break and beach holidays destination in Istanbul. Kilyos is best-known for its beautiful sandy beaches and coves, nice modern hotels, restaurants and summer time entertainment and water sports activities such as beach concerts, kite surfing and more. In Kilyos you may experience a great weekend with variety of activities such as dining & wining, sunbathing, swimming, windsurfing, kite boarding, skiing, hiking, fishing and nature...

You may spend your night at the modern Kilyos hotels and apartments located in a spectacular Black Sea landscape... Kilyos is one of the most preferred weekend holiday locations in Istanbul. Kilyos is surrounded by the Black Sea from the northern part and by the forests from the southern part.  Kilyos is an ideal weekend breaks destination in Istanbul for all seasons. Especially in summer the town's population increases.

Surrounding the beach are a selection of hotels, cafes and restaurants offering standard holiday fare and also local specialties. Make sure that you try some of the delicious Mezzes you’ll be offered in many of these establishments. Mezzes are small dishes of local produce presented in a similar way to the tapas dishes that you can enjoy in Spain. Delicious salads and rice dishes including the Mediterranean region staples of aubergine, olive and tomato make excellent appetizers to enjoy before devouring a world class kebab.

With its wonderful nature, golden sandy beaches, beautiful coves, water sports activities and dine&wine opportunities, Kilyos has eventually become one of the most popular holidays and activity towns in Istanbul. Kilyos is 11 km. to Sariyer, 32 km. to Taksim and 50 km. to Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Kilyos beaches are the most popular and clean ones in Istanbul. Kilyos beaches of Istanbul are also very ideal for jet skiing, windsurfing and all kind of water sports. For the ones who love nature and silence, there are also lots of bays and green travel locations in Kilyos. Kilyos has a sandy beach facing out onto the cool waters of the Black Sea.

The relatively low temperature of the water is in fact part of the appeal for the residents of Istanbul, who like to come to this northern suburb of the city to cool off during the heat of the summer. This also means that the beach can be very busy at the weekend, but also pleasantly quiet during the average weekday. On the way to Kilyos, while passing through the Belgrad Forests, you may see lots of countryside restaurants and picnic areas as well.

Settlements and history in Kilyos stand for centuries. At the beginning, the village became popular as a small fisherman town. During the era of the Roman Empire, the town showed big development. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Kilyos participated into Byzantium lands. Due to its geographical state, it has been a critical town for the maritime civilizations, i.e. The Genoese.

During the era of the Crusades there has been a big chaos and disorder at the region, and after the Ottoman Empire’s sovereignty, the town found the peace and became a cosmopolite center. During the era of the Turkish Republic, Kilyos became the district of Sariyer and after 1960s it showed big developments in tourism and became the most popular vacation and activity region for the elite society.

Greek were the first native people of Kilyos. Like all the other villages, Kilyos took migration after the battle of Russia in 1877. And no Greek people left in the village after the treatment of the exchange of the societies. The first historic place when you enter the town is the Castle built in the 14th century during the era of the Genoese. The castle restored by the Ottoman sultan Mahmud II.

The name of the town “Kilyos” is believed to be came from the Greek word “Kilya” which means, “sand”. Another rumor is that it has come from the word “Kuwaila” which means, “beautiful strait”. During the era of the Turkish Republic, its name changed by “Kumköy” which means, “the village of sand” in Turkish but traditional habit didn’t let it stay so. The town is still called as “Kilyos”.

Istanbul Kilyos holidays
For the ones who want to enjoy the nature with their families and kids together with a great relaxation on the grasses and delicious barbecues. Weekend holidays, seaside and water sports activities, beaches, surfing, sunbathing, beach clubs, hotels, restaurants, seafood, barbecue, daily boat trips, wedding and all kind of organizations, countryside restaurants, picnic areas, carting and paintball are some of the great opportunities that Kilyos has to offer to its visitors. Especially in summer hundred thousands of people come visit Kilyos. - Kilyos - Istanbul | Popular beach holidays & weekend breaks in Istanbul, Turkey